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The world’s tallest wooden building will be built in this country


We have heard buildings made of cement, stone, etc. But now Japan is going to built building made of woods and that too 1148 feet high.

Japan is very creative country. It alaways tries to come up with new inventions. Therefore it has come across building such a huge building with wooden. This building will be developed by woods in central Tokyo area. This building will be constructed by somitomo forestry company. This company is as old from 350 years. Its going to celebrate their 350th aniversarry of their company by making people surprize by building 1148 feet building. This building will have 70 floors which will include home, shops, office and hotels. 90% of woods and only 10% of steel will be used to build this building.

The purpose of this building is to prevent pollution and create pollution free environment. For constructing this building , company will need 6.5 million cubic feet more longer woods. More than 37 arab dollar of amount is going to be needed. In case of earthquakes, this building will be realiable and safe for people because there is less probality that wooden building may fall apart. It will be designed in such a way that it can cope with other calamities. This is first experiment  of Japnese country. If they succed in building this project they willl probably go for such projects in furture also. This huge building is going to be the future attraction of Japan.